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Savoury Cravings/ Kathy's Pies

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All Savoury foods are homemade using fresh products.

Pastys - Double Take Cakes - Bakery - Custom Cakes


Chicken Curry
Roasted chicken, potatoes, onions in a creamy curry sauce.

Traditional Cornish
Seasoned ground beef, potatoes, peas and carrots.

Pepper Steak
Shredded steak in a rich Montreal pepper gravy.

Cheese & Onion
Creamy mashed potatoes whipped with cheddar cheese and onions.

Cheese & Ham
Creamy mashed potatoes, whipped with shredded ham and cheddar cheese.

Diced pepperoni and ham mixed with cheddar cheese and pizza sauce.

Chicken Bacon Mushroom
Roasted chicken, bacon and fresh sliced mushrooms in a creamy Bechamel sauce.

Single $4.95
Pack of 2 $8.95

Meat Pies - Double Take Cakes - Bakery - Custom Cakes

Meat Pies

Chicken Pot Pie
Roasted chicken, potatoes, peas and carrots in a sage chicken gravy.

Chicken Stuffing & Gravy
Roasted chicken in a rich flavoured gravy topped with sage stuffing.

Chicken Mushroom
Roasted chicken with quartered fresh mushrooms in a rich chicken mushroom gravy.

Mixture of beef and pork seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and all spice.

Large chunks of tender steak in a rich beef gravy.

Steak & Onion
Ground beef and sliced onions smothered in a beef gravy.

Steak & Mushroom
Large chunks of tender steak and quartered fresh mushrooms in a rich and delicious beef gravy.

Steak & Kidney
Large chunks of tender steak and kidney cooked together in a rich smooth beef gravy.

Made with a flaky pasty except Tourtiere.
2 Individual Pies $8.95
Family Size $14.95

Appetizers - Double Take Cakes - Bakery - Custom Cakes


Sausage Rolls
Unsmoked farmer sausage in a flaky pastry.

Variety of flavours.
Mini $1.75 Family Size $9.95

Jamaican Patties
Curry seasoned ground beef and ground pork wrapped in a curry pastry.
$2.50/each or 6 for $13

Smokies & Pepperettes
Smokies or pepperettes wrapped in puff pastry and sprinkled with shredded cheese.

Scotch Eggs
Hard boiled eggs wrapped in pork sausage, coated in a corn flake crumb and baked until crispy golden brown.

Pork Pies
Pepper seasoned coarse ground pork combined with gelatin in a crispy hot water pastry.
$3.50/each or 2 for $7.50

Frozen Meals - Double Take Cakes - Bakery - Custom Cakes

Frozen Prepared Meals


Shepherd's Pie

Pork & Stuffing Plait

Variety of Frozen Soups

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